A Global, Used Clothing Supplier

Global Clothing Industries LLC is one of the largest used clothing suppliers in the World. The Global Clothing Industries LLC warehouses stock more than 600 SKUs of used clothingshoestoysconsignment inventory and other goods that are exported around the world. We offer various grades of clothing. Our detailed quality check process guarantees that you receive the grade that you purchase. We also have a vintage clothing inventory of more than 300 SKUs, featuring top-selling items from the 1960s onward.

Used Clothing

We have over 100 selections of used clothing bales for men, women and children such as used jeans, used dresses, used shirts, used children clothing, etc.  We grade tropical used clothing and winter used clothing to fit the needs of your clientele and your local climate 

Our employees go through extensive training to provide you with consistent quality.  Global Clothing Industries, grades clothing by quality therefore you may find a huge variety of brands in any or our different quality bales you purchase.  To increase your profits, clientele and visibility in the used clothing business, we also offer Premium used clothing that can be added to your container order upon request. 

We offer two size selections of used clothing bales which are 100 pounds (45Kg) and 120 pounds (55Kg) and we sell by container loads and ship worldwide.


Global Clothing Industries, LLC has analyzed markets in countries that import used shoes into Africa, Central and South America to produce used goods in high demand.  In addition, we value the feedback from our customers who are importers of used goods from the United States to provide different grading qualities to fit everyone’s budget.

Within the different grades we offer, we have casual, work, and dress used shoes for men, women and children.  Our inventory also has a great selection of specialty shoes such as used western boots, work boots, sneakers, etc. as add ins to your order.  The shoes we load into your container will be packed in a variety of sacks weighing from 50 – 400 lbs. depending on the selection.


We are fully staffed and happy to accommodate large-scale buys for boutique owners as well as TV and film wardrobe departments.

Because we process so many items per day, we have become known as the industry’s secret stash for quality, wholesale vintage items. Our vintage department offers more than 300 category items. Some of our most popular categories include rock concert tees, silk scarves, wedding dresses, furs, Levi’s® jeans, sweaters, 1960’s onward clothing, and much more.

All vintage orders are sold by appointment only and require a $2,000 minimum purchase. Please contact us to make your appointment to purchase.


Our used purses and bags are carefully graded to meet the standards given by the market’s demands. In these separations you will find some popular brand names that will appeal to your customers for an easy sell.  Handbags and purses are packed in 300 lbs. sacks.


Global Clothing Industries offers a wide variety of cut or uncut recycled industrial wiping rags. Our wiping rags come from cotton and mixed material clothing that are clean and did not pass our used clothing quality grading standards. You can specify your order requirements based on material, color, absorbency, and even intended industrial use. Some of our selections include 100% cotton Terry cloth, fleece, flannel and blends.

Our wiping rags are great for different industries such as automotive detailers, flooring contractors, mechanical and manufacturing equipment clean up and professional painters.

Because our wiping rags are cut from recycled clothing items, they can be washed and reused many times and we can reduce our footprint. Our recycled industrial wiping rags are available in bales and sold by container loads and bulk orders. Containers loads can be shipped worldwide.


It does not matter the culture or country we live in, all over the world children love to play and playing is a critical component of a child’s development.  Global Clothing Industries, LLC has a great selection that is in great demand due to it’s variety and quality. Our soft toys may include dolls, stuffed animals and our hard toys will include games and electronics, action figures, cars and trucks, barbies, etc.  

Hard toys can be added to an order with other products in your container or truck load.  Soft toys may be purchased as a full container load. We can ship worldwide.

Bric & Brac

Global Clothing Industries stocks and sorts through thousands of pounds of bric & brac. Sold by the pound, we ship monthly container loads to businesses in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Items are packed into heavy duty gaylord boxes or can be packed into smaller boxes based on customers request.