Atlanta Vintage Shop has an extensive inventory capable of distributing first class retro fashions to vintage boutique owners, vintage online retailers, and to wardrobe departments in the television & movie industry. Our vintage curators have the experience and ability to recognize and pick special items from 1960’s onward which can be purchased at excellent wholesale prices.

In our Vintage Women’s Clothing category, we specialize in curating the “retro styling” that is unique to each of the most popular vintage eras. It is the unique styling in the vintage women’s clothing category that sets it apart and creates the “one of a kind” feeling that vintage lovers enjoy so much.

In the category of Vintage Women’s Clothing the “retro” fashions seem to generate a new fad every day! The vintage look is never too playful or serious- its always just right! At the Atlanta Vintage Shop we are proud to feature unique items such as high-waisted pants, cropped tops, polka dotted tops, whimsical prints, swing skirts, bell bottoms pants/jeans, beaded tops, Navajo blouses, wrap skirts, harem gypsy pants, playsuits, jumpsuits, Bohemian hippie tops, hippie ethnic skirts, ethnic jackets, and,faux furs…just to name a few. Many of these items are perfect for mixing and matching which just adds to the fun!