We buy & sell used toys in bulk

Global Clothing Industries supplies wholesale second hand hard & soft toys for resale to retailers and distributors from all around the world. Want to fill your store from an endless supply of toys and other premium merchandise? GCI will work with you to determine a price per pound for a shipment of our many must-have items. Our soft toys may include dolls, stuffed animals, & plush figurines. Our hard toys consist mainly of plastic toys and can include bulk Legos,  games,  electronics, action figures, cars and trucks, + more.  We carry some of the most popular brands, such as Mattel, Hasbro, Barbie, Fisher-Price, Playmobil, Funko, + more!

It does not matter the culture or country we live in, all over the world children love to play and playing is a critical component of a child’s development.

Our toys can be combined to an order with other products

As one of the largest suppliers of bulk used toys, secondhand clothing, shoes, and accessories, you can combine your container or truckload order with any of our other product offerings.

  • Wholesale Used Clothing Bales

  • Bulk Used Shoes

  • Wholesale Used Purses & Bags

  • Wholesale Vintage Clothing

  • Wholesale Industrial Wiping Rags

  • Wholesale Brick & Brack

  • Wholesale Vintage Clothing

As your partner, GCI is a reliable source for high-quality items that expand your inventory and increase your profit margins. With GCI, you have access to more than 600 SKUs of quality used merchandise that we source from carefully vetted suppliers like corporate distributors and charitable organizations.