Global Clothing Industries LLC is a worldwide resource for high quality used textiles & accessories including shoes, purses, toys, bric & brac, wiping rags, and a carefully sorted selection of premium vintage clothing. Our updated state of the art sorting facility maximizes efficiency and allows us to process shipments nearly twice as fast.

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GCI stocks more than 600 SKUs of used clothing & consignment inventory in two warehouses totaling over 130,000 square feet. From clothing and electronics to kitchenware and household items, we offer the widest selection of pre-owned inventory for resale. Our network of company owned trucks allow us to deliver products faster through ground or ocean shipping.



Known as the Atlanta Vintage Shop, we’re capable of distributing first class retro fashions to vintage boutique owners, vintage online retailers, and to wardrobe departments in the television & movie industry. We offer one of the largest inventories of sorted vintage clothing with over 300 organized categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Container load costs vary depending on the types of items you request. To receive a detailed quote from us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to walk you through our pricing and products information.

By using innovative packing techniques, we fill containers at a 99% capacity. Containers with a maximum load of up to 60,000 pounds/27,000 kilograms can hold up to 580 bales each.

Yes! We work with all major carriers and can arrange the shipment of textiles from our warehouse all the way to your port city. Because we are volume shippers, we negotiate rates that are less expensive than most companies and pass those savings on to you.

Once we receive your order we can give you an accurate time table. The length of time required to prepare an order depends on the packing list, as well as our list of existing orders already being processed. We try to expedite all orders ASAP and ship in a timely manner.

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