5 Business Organizations You Need to Join (and Why)

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Ever wondered if you could be doing more to grow your business? Joining a business organization can be a huge benefit to you and your company! These days there are a huge number out there, each with their own mission and functions. The choice can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Here are 5 organizations that every business should be a part of:

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that works towards building trust between businesses and consumers. You’re probably already familiar with the Bureau’s letter grade ratings (GCI has an A+). But did you know that the BBB consists of several independent branches that rate businesses in their area? Each branch holds businesses to specific standards for best practices. Businesses with a good rating can pay dues to become accredited, allowing them to claim their letter grade and use BBB logos in their marketing.

One of the best resources for any business is Your Local Chamber of Commerce. If you join a Chamber, you become part of a collective of local businesses. No two Chambers are alike. Some are very formal, with a long history and rich traditions. Others are Internet savvy, newly founded and full of startups. No matter their personality, each Chamber is dedicated to helping its members grow. Members pay dues, and gain membership benefits. Odds are, there is more than one Chamber in your community. Visit each one, find the one that fits best, and join!

While not a membership organization, one of the resources to always stay involved with is the Small Business Administration. A federal agency, the SBA has been around since 1953, and helps small businesses get started and grow. The SBA is your office in the government, and helps to look out for business interests. You can connect with events, trainings, seminars, and services by contacting your local SBA division office.

Ready to have greater reach and influence in your industry? Join an industry association! The range and variety available can be surprising. GCI is a member of SMART and the Georgia Association of Manufacturers. Industry groups can be a huge benefit. While Chambers of Commerce serve many different types of businesses, industry groups are more specialized, focusing on specific issues and lobbying for change. They also provide the opportunity to network with other people just like you in your industry.

Are you ready to start joining up yet? We’re a proud member of many organizations, and know you will be too!

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