Atlanta Vintage Shop — The Source for Real, Genuine Fashion

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At Global Clothing Industries LLC, we pride ourselves on giving tons of quality used clothing and accessories a new life. Much of those clothes are gently used and can be passed on to the next person — but about 1% of garments from our processed inbound shipments have a bigger story to tell as they qualify to be sold in our Atlanta Vintage Shop.

How do we keep up with such a passion for fashion? It’s the thrill of the hunt!

Each day, our Vintage Department pickers carefully examine anything that looks like it could be an authentic vintage piece. They pick out the genuine garments then prep them for resale to boutique owners, wardrobe teams in the film industry, and other vintage clothing retail outlets. From Levi’s® with the red thread to leather motorcycle jackets and rock concert tees, Atlanta Vintage Shop stocks more than 300 categories of authentic items from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Wanna see what we’ve got? Watch the video below for a VIP peek at what it’s like to shop our huge selection of vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. Plus, see how we help our buyers accessorize and modernize their finds for the next generation of style icons!

Atlanta Vintage Shop from Global Clothing Industries LLC on Vimeo.