Recycled Wiping Rags — Cleaning Up the World, One Rag at a Time

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Did you know that the bags full of “clean up rags” sold at home improvement stores require the exact same manufacturing process as your favorite jeans, t-shirts, bed sheets, and towels? Those “disposable cleaning cloths” use just as much fabric, water, energy, and other resources as your clothes but you wouldn’t wear a shirt once and then throw it away. So why not do the same with wiping rags?

At Global Clothing Industries LLC, we process 148,000 pounds of textiles every day with a strict grading process that checks for tears, stains, and holes. With such a vast supply, we also receive items that just aren’t acceptable for our resale customers. Rather than discard those items, we cut the clothes and textiles on-site into recycled wiping rags. These are baled and sold to industries like heavy machinery repair, professional painting, automotive detailing and more. In this second life, our recycled wiping rags are able to be washed and reused.

Watch our new industrial recycled wiping rags video to see our process and find out more about how we’re helping to clean up the world!